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About Uno Mas

What We're All About

Uno Mas Taqueria y Cantina is one of those cool little hole-in-the-wall gems that once discovered, you don’t want to tell your friends about in case it gets too busy.

We opened in 2013, bringing elevated street tacos to South Pearl, along with specialty tequilas and drinks, traditional tortas, appetizers, and classic Mexican desserts.

Delicious upgrades to classical Mexican fare. Absolutely fresh locally sourced food, an incredibly extensive tequila menu, and all meats smoked in-house.

Our History

Our late owner Patrick on why he created Uno Mas Taqueria:

“The best taco I ever ate was at K38 in Baja, a favorite destination for SoCal surfers. A young guy was on the beach with a metal trashcan and a cooler. He opened the trash can, lit a fire, and turned the trash can lid upside down over the fire. Then he took fresh Mahi Mahi from the cooler, seasoned it with chili powder and salt, set it on the hot lid, and started cooking it with oil. Out came the fresh tortillas, warmed up next to the fish. The delicious smell hovered over the water, and everyone on the beach bought up all his tacos, while admiring the genius of his basic cooking method. He cleared a $100 from us just that day. I believe he was the richest kid on the beach. I created Uno Mas to reflect that genius — simple and bold archival cooking at its best.”

Of course there is more on our menu than tacos – delicious appetizers, tortas served on fresh telera rolls, our own “Uno Burrito”, sides, and yummy deserts. But our tacos served on raquelitas organic white corn tortillas is what we’re famous for.

70+ Small Batch Tequilas

We offer a carefully curated selection of 70+ of the best artisanal small-batch tequilas and mezcals. Our collection includes many lesser known authentic tequilas and we encourage suggestions for additions. House pour Proximus Tequila is a Denver-owned top artisanal brand made from the finest Jalisco highlands blue agave.

We focus on old-world style tequila and mescal using the finest blue agave, rather than overly marketed large production brands. We send our staff to Mexico on immersive educational trips in tequila production and the surrounding culture, learning everything about the entire process from seed to bottle.

On regular educational trips staff spend mornings in the field with the Jimadors who harvest the blue agave plants, and afternoons in distilleries. Staff become immersed in the history of Jalisco, the struggles this great Mexican State has endured, and how tequila has shaped the integrity and identity of the region.